Class 10 NTSE Test Series

Biology | Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry (Course Validity : Mar 31,2021)
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Course Description

NTSE Stage-I for Class X (Foundation) with modular analysis.

Ideal to check the level of readiness for competitive exams and prepare accurately.

Specially designed for NTSE Entrance Exam.

Covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, MAT, Social science for Class X

Package Contains

2000 Questions
10 Tests
Choose One

Course Advantages

  • Includes Part Syllabus & Full Syllabus tests
  • Strengthens the concepts
  • Covers complete NTSE Entrance Exam syllabus
  • Thoroughly researched content aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus

Course Features

  • Answer keys with explanations (for selected test papers)
  • Attempt tests in CBT mode without internet
  • Multi-device platform accessibility
  • Attempt missed tests as per your convenience
  • Feedback and detailed analysis at your fingertips
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

What you'll cover in this course

10 : Physics

  • Light Reflection and RefractionLocked
  • Human Eye and Colourful WorldLocked
  • ElectricityLocked
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentLocked
  • Sources of EnergyLocked

10 : Chemistry

  • Chemical Reactions and EquationsLocked
  • Acids Bases and SaltsLocked
  • Metals and Non metalsLocked
  • Carbon and Its CompoundsLocked
  • Periodic Classification of ElementsLocked

10 : Biology

  • Life ProcessesLocked
  • Control and CoordinationLocked
  • How do organisms ReproduceLocked
  • Heredity and EvolutionLocked
  • Our EnvironmentLocked
  • Sustainable Management of Natural ResourcesLocked

10 : Mathematics

  • Real NumbersLocked
  • PolynomialsLocked
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesLocked
  • Quadratic EquationsLocked
  • Arithmetic ProgressionsLocked
  • TrianglesLocked
  • Coordinate GeometryLocked
  • Introduction to TrigonometryLocked
  • Some Applications of TrigonometryLocked
  • CirclesLocked
  • ConstructionsLocked
  • Areas Related to CirclesLocked
  • Surface Areas and VolumesLocked
  • StatisticsLocked
  • ProbabilityLocked

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