Class 10 Olympiads Test Series (Maths & Science)

Biology | Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry (Course Validity : Mar 31,2021)
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Course Description

Olympiads Test Series for Class X (Foundation) with modular analysis.

Ideal to check the level of readiness for competitive exams and prepare accurately.

Specially designed for Olympiads like: NTSE, NSO, IMO, RMO, PRMO, NSEJS etc.

Covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, MAT, SSt. and English for Class X

Package Contains

3380 Questions
26 Tests
Choose One

Course Advantages

  • Includes Part Syllabus & Full Syllabus tests
  • Strengthens the concepts
  • Covers complete NTSE, NSO, IMO, RMO, PRMO, NSEJS Entrance Exam syllabus
  • Thoroughly researched content aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus

Course Features

  • Answer keys with explanations (for selected test papers)
  • Attempt tests in CBT mode without internet
  • Multi-device platform accessibility
  • Attempt missed tests as per your convenience
  • Feedback and detailed analysis at your fingertips
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

What you'll cover in this course

10 : Physics

  • Light Reflection and RefractionLocked
  • Human Eye and Colourful WorldLocked
  • ElectricityLocked
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentLocked
  • Sources of EnergyLocked

10 : Chemistry

  • Chemical Reactions and EquationsLocked
  • Acids Bases and SaltsLocked
  • Metals and Non metalsLocked
  • Carbon and Its CompoundsLocked
  • Periodic Classification of ElementsLocked

10 : Biology

  • Life ProcessesLocked
  • Control and CoordinationLocked
  • How do organisms ReproduceLocked
  • Heredity and EvolutionLocked
  • Our EnvironmentLocked
  • Sustainable Management of Natural ResourcesLocked

10 : Mathematics

  • Real NumbersLocked
  • PolynomialsLocked
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesLocked
  • Quadratic EquationsLocked
  • Arithmetic ProgressionsLocked
  • TrianglesLocked
  • Coordinate GeometryLocked
  • Introduction to TrigonometryLocked
  • Some Applications of TrigonometryLocked
  • CirclesLocked
  • ConstructionsLocked
  • Areas Related to CirclesLocked
  • Surface Areas and VolumesLocked
  • StatisticsLocked
  • ProbabilityLocked

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