Premium Plus Course: Class 8 Video Lectures - CBSE & Olympiads

Biology | Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry (Course Validity : May 31,2021)
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Course Description

Current COVID-19 lockdown is impacting our dispatch services for printed books & SD cards. Please access e-books & video lectures online in the interim. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

1. Recorded Video Lectures accessible on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
2. Specially designed for Olympiads and CBSE syllabus of Class 8.
3. Covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics of Class 8.
4. Includes Printed Books prepared by Experienced Aakash faculty.
5. Doubt resolution, anytime, anywhere via 'Ask an Expert' feature in the Aakash iTutor.
6. Detailed Study Planner to help you plan your syllabus and prepare you for the exams in a timely manner.
7. Chapter assignments to test & strengthen the concepts of each chapter

Package Contains

400+ videos
Printed Books
20+ Tests
₹ 14,600.00
₹ 22,999.00
Choose One

Course Advantages

  • Study anytime, anywhere on any device via video lectures recorded by experienced Aakash faculty. 30 years of Aakash's teaching experience condensed into video lectures for efficient learning.
  • Clear your doubts anytime, anywhere on any device by experience Aakash faculty via the 'Ask an expert' feature on iTutor
  • Course content also available on SD cards which works even without internet.
  • Ebooks

Course Features

  • Login credentials will be emailed on the registered email ID within 1 business day post purchase of the course.
  • SD cards can be used on a single device at a time.
  • Easy Refunds: Full refund (except registration fee) if refund is requested within 7 days purchase
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps. Download a document

What you'll cover in this course

10 : Physics

  • Force and PressureLocked
  • FrictionLocked
  • SoundLocked
  • Chemical Effects of Electric CurrentLocked
  • Some Natural PhenomenaLocked
  • LightLocked
  • Stars and the Solar SystemLocked

10 : Chemistry

  • Introduction ChapterLocked
  • Synthetic Fibres and PlasticsLocked
  • Materials Metals and Non MetalsLocked
  • Coal and PetroleumLocked
  • Combustion and FlameLocked

10 : Mathematics

  • Rational NumbersLocked
  • Linear Equations in One VariableLocked
  • Understanding QuadrilateralsLocked
  • Practical GeometryLocked
  • Data HandlingLocked
  • Exponents and PowersLocked
  • Squares and Square RootsLocked
  • Cubes and Cube RootsLocked
  • Comparing QuantitiesLocked
  • Algebraic Expressions and IdentitiesLocked
  • Visualizing Solid ShapesLocked
  • MensurationLocked
  • Direct and Inverse ProportionsLocked
  • FactorizationLocked
  • Introduction to GraphsLocked
  • Playing with NumbersLocked

10 : Biology

  • Crop Production and ManagementLocked
  • Microorganisms Friend and FoeLocked
  • Conservation of Plants and AnimalsLocked
  • Cell Structure and FunctionsLocked
  • Reproduction in AnimalsLocked
  • Reaching the Age of AdolescenceLocked
  • Pollution of Air and WaterLocked

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