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About this course

Not confident about local tuitions for your Board exams? Worry not. Aakash iTutor introduces Class 12th CBSE course to help you strengthen your preparation for Boards examination like never before. It brings 30 years of Aakash legacy to your home directly. This new product is an exclusive platform which lets the students access recorded video lectures from the qualified faculties of Aakash on specialized topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths . The heck of taking local tuitions which usually lack quality and confidence can now be easily replaced by the proficient faculties of Aakash known for their academic excellence.

How will it help you?

Boards is an important time in a student's life. Doubts can come in any time of the day but you can't turn to your local tutor always. This specially designed class 12th CBSE course can take you through all your queries instantly. The comprehensive series of video lectures on PCMB subjects can not only solve your doubts instantly but also give you a quick revision of your topics at home within your comfort zone. A lot of students are sceptical of the kind of teaching they get from different local tuitions, but with Aakash iTutor, students can be sure of quality learning anywhere anytime. Below are some major benefits you can get by opting recorded lectures for PCMB in class 12th:

  • More than 150 hours of engaging videos on PCMB subject-related topics.
  • Short, crisp and easy to understand recorded lectures for all class 12th PCMB students with a lot of examples, animations and demonstrations.
  • Learn about the tips & tricks as well as the right answer writing methodology for you to score maximum in exams.
  • Know the different possible framing of a question and the strategy to write relevant information as per the marks allotted to a particular question.
  • Ask any doubt 24*7 from anywhere with the feature of ‘Ask an Expert’.
  • Assess your performance with integrated tests and modular analysis.

Why Aakash Digital?

  • Affordable - Aakash Digital can be lot more cost effective than traditional coaching or tuitions that students wish to opt for.
  • Flexible - All the courses of medical, IIT-JEE and foundation exams can be accessed from anywhere anytime with the help of any digital device. Students need not leave their homes and go to far away places to get quality teaching since the expertise of Aakash can be available to you at your place.
  • Doubt Clarification - Students tend to struggle with their doubts early in the morning, late at night and thus Aakash Digital is a 3AM friend for them. They can always watch recorded lectures and ask their doubts right then and there.
  • Quality Content - Aakash digital is the digital version of the prominent and certified experience and legacy of Aakash classroom coaching and thus all the content is delivered from the trusted and qualified faculties of the coaching itself.
  • Multi-Device - Students need not invest a heavy amount in buying some specialized hi-tech devices to access the courses of Aakash Digital. The online courses can be accessed on any device such as mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.