Live Online Crash Course for JEE Main 2020

Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry (Course Validity : Jul 14,2020)
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Course Description

1. This course is specially designed for students who have taken regular classroom coaching from any reputed Institution and are aspiring for a better position in JEE Main   Entrance Exam

2. This course aims to provide thorough preparation for JEE Main  Entrance Exam

3. Ideal for Students Who have passed Class XII or studying in Class XII

4. Covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Main


Course Contains

80 hours
14 tests
₹ 15,039.00
₹ 19,999.00
Choose One

Course Advantages

  • Access to coaching from qualified Aakash faculty
  • Regular tests will be conducted on entrance exam pattern
  • Relevant study material will be provided in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Student progress reports for Parents
  • Ideal for students to get digital ready for CBT mode of entrance examinations.

Course Features

  • Live Online Interactive Classes
  • Instant Doubt Clarification during live classes
  • Access recordings of all past classes


System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps

Product Highlights

** Limited time offer: Just pay Rs. 5900, and get started with the JEE crash courses today. Pay the rest of the amount till 29th May 2020 and continue with your exam preparation.

Test Packages




Part Syllabus Test (Mock Test)

As per Schedule


Full Syllabus Test (Mock Test)

As per Schedule




Batch Details


Batch Option - I (29th May'20)

Batch Timing

 (08:00 AM to 12:30 PM)

Frequency of Class 4 Days/Week (Mon,Tue, Thur & Fri)
Completion Date 1st Week Of July'20




What you'll cover in this course

11 : Physics

  • Units and MeasurementsLocked
  • Motion in a Straight LineLocked
  • Motion in a PlaneLocked
  • Laws of MotionLocked
  • Work, Energy and PowerLocked
  • System of Particles and Rotational MotionLocked
  • GravitationLocked
  • Mechanical Properties of SolidsLocked
  • Mechanical Properties of FluidsLocked
  • Thermal Properties of MatterLocked
  • ThermodynamicsLocked
  • Kinetic TheoryLocked
  • OscillationsLocked
  • WavesLocked

11 : Chemistry

  • Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryLocked
  • Structure of AtomLocked
  • Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesLocked
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureLocked
  • States of MatterLocked
  • ThermodynamicsLocked
  • EquilibriumLocked
  • Redox ReactionsLocked
  • HydrogenLocked
  • The S Block ElementsLocked
  • The P Block ElementsLocked
  • Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles and TechniquesLocked
  • HydrocarbonsLocked
  • Environmental ChemistryLocked

11 : Mathematics

  • Basics of MathematicsLocked
  • Relation and functionLocked
  • Trigonometric functions Part ILocked
  • Principle of mathematical inductionLocked
  • Quadratic EquationsLocked
  • Complex number Part ILocked
  • Linear InequalitiesLocked
  • Sequence and SeriesLocked
  • Binomial theoremLocked
  • Permutation and CombinationLocked
  • Straight LineLocked
  • Conic Section ILocked
  • Conic Section IILocked
  • Complex number Part IILocked
  • 3 D GeometryLocked
  • Limits and DerivativesLocked
  • Mathematical ReasoningLocked
  • StatisticsLocked
  • ProbabilityLocked
  • Trigonometric functions Part IILocked

12 : Physics

  • Electric Charges and FieldLocked
  • Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceLocked
  • Current ElectricityLocked
  • Moving Charges and MagnetismLocked
  • Magnetism and MatterLocked
  • Electromagnetic inductionLocked
  • Alternating CurrentLocked
  • Electromagnetic WavesLocked
  • Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsLocked
  • Wave OpticsLocked
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterLocked
  • AtomsLocked
  • NucleiLocked
  • SemiconductorLocked
  • Communication SystemLocked

12 : Chemistry

  • Solid StateLocked
  • SolutionsLocked
  • ElectrochemistryLocked
  • Chemical KineticsLocked
  • Surface ChemistryLocked
  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsLocked
  • P Block ElementsLocked
  • d and f Block ElementsLocked
  • Coordination CompoundsLocked
  • Haloalkanes and HaloarenesLocked
  • Alcohols Phenols and EthersLocked
  • Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsLocked
  • AminesLocked
  • BiomoleculesLocked
  • PolymersLocked
  • Chemistry in Everyday LifeLocked

12 : Mathematics

  • Relations and FunctionsLocked
  • Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsLocked
  • MatricesLocked
  • DeterminantsLocked
  • Continuity and DifferentiabilityLocked
  • Applications of DerivativesLocked
  • Integrals (Indefinite and Definite)Locked
  • Applications of IntegralsLocked
  • Differential EquationsLocked
  • VectorLocked
  • Three Dimensional GeometryLocked
  • Linear ProgrammingLocked
  • ProbabilityLocked

Reviews and Ratings

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4 months ago Rohan

I found live online classes for JEE much useful in my entire prep. Even my parents were convinced with the features such as Parent Teacher Meeting that is conducted online. My performance improved over the time and my parents could track the same. Indeed, an excellent online course.

2 months ago Duggu Singh

The combination of the lectures and tests helped me to gradually rise at the top of the competition. Also, the way to access and use the course is a simple one. So, I did not face much issues with the course and my concepts improved in the best way. Thanks a lot, to Aakash Digital for the wonderful experience!

Did you know?

20+ students scored more than 95% in XII CBSE Board Exam 2018

  • 210marks in JEE (Main) 2018
  • 99.97%in 2019
  • 1 in 4students Qualified JEE 2018
  • 10+Students topped their School.

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