4 Year Live Online Integrated Classes for Class 9 for Target NEET

Biology | MAT | Mathematics | Physics | Social Science | Chemistry (Course Validity : Feb 08,2024)
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Course Description

1. Specially designed for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX, Class X & NEET.

2. Ideal for CBSE students enrolled in Class IX, or about to enter Class IX.

3. Covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics,  (SST & MAT are taught as per Olympiad syllabus) for the class IX 

Note:- The price is applicable for the Students accessing the course from India


Package Contains

1365 hours
990+ tests
Printed Books
₹ 1,71,799.00
₹ 1,89,999.00
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Course Advantages

  • Access to coaching from qualified Aakash faculty
  • Builds a strong foundation for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Mathematics, (SST & MAT are taught as per Olympiad syllabus)
  • Regular assessment and comparative micro-analysis to aid better preparation
  • Student progress reports for Parents
  • Ideal for students to get digital ready for CBT mode of entrance examinations.

Course Features

  • Dedicated student mentors for academic concerns, time management & counseling
  • Instant Doubt Clarification during live classes
  • Online Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Access recordings of all past classes
  • Easy Refunds: Full refund (except registration fee) if refund is requested within 7 days of the commencement of the batch

Follow Aakash classroom’s curriculum focussing on both NCERT syllabus and entrance exams. Aakash Study Material will be provided along with the course. The Same tests as conducted in Aakash classroom's curriculum will also be provided but in the online format along with the course.

System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

Product Highlights

Additional Printed Books

1. Aakash Explorer - a question bank of previous years papers questions for NEET aspirants.
2. General knowledge Book for preparation of NEET exam.
3. Aptitude & Logical thinking Book for preparation of NEET exam.
4.Micro - assignments to excel in school & Board Exam.
5. AMTP - Aakash Model Test Paper for school XIth Exam.
6. Fast Track & Trickopedia - a specially designed book will be given to solve problems using tricks in short time.

Test Packages



Number of Questions per test

Total in 4 year

Daily Tests

4 per week *


15 questions each


Fortnightly Subjective Tests

Once every fortnight

For IX & X 14+, For XI & XII:90


Term Exams

Once in 3 months

For IX & X:25+ , For XI & XII:180


Complete Syllabus Tests (IX&X)

While school exams

As per school papers


Subjective Part and Full Tests (IX&X) While school exams As per school papers 7
Mock Test Papers for XIIth While Board exams As per school papers 6

Last Year AIATS Schedule

6 papers in IX & X, 8 Papers XI & 15 Papers in XIIth

For IX & X:- 120-150

For XI & XII:-180


Also includes:

  • Olympiad Pattern Tests & NTSE Pattern Tests


*New Schedule will be uploaded shortly

Batch Details- English


Batch Option -I Batch Option -II


Weekday & Weekend Batches Weekday & Weekend Batches

Teaching Language

English English

Batch Timing

1 session / day

(16:00 PM to 05:20 PM)

1 session / day

(5:30 PM to 6:50 PM)

Frequency of class

5 Days/Week

(Mon , Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat)

5 days/week

(Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat)

What you'll cover in this course

9 : Physics

  • MotionLocked
  • Force and Laws of MotionLocked
  • GravitationLocked
  • Work and EnergyLocked
  • SoundLocked

9 : Chemistry

  • Matter in Our SurroundingsLocked
  • Is Matter Around Us Pure?Locked
  • Atoms and MoleculesLocked
  • Structure of AtomLocked

9 : Biology

  • Fundamental Unit of LifeLocked
  • TissuesLocked
  • Diversity in Living OrganismsLocked
  • Why do we Fall illLocked
  • Natural ResourcesLocked
  • Improvement in Food ResourcesLocked

9 : Mathematics

  • Number SystemsLocked
  • PolynomialsLocked
  • Coordinate GeometryLocked
  • Linear Equations in Two VariablesLocked
  • Introduction to Euclids GeometryLocked
  • Lines and AnglesLocked
  • TrianglesLocked
  • QuadrilateralsLocked
  • Areas of Parallelograms and TrianglesLocked
  • CirclesLocked
  • ConstructionsLocked
  • Herons FormulaLocked
  • Surface Areas and VolumesLocked
  • StatisticsLocked
  • ProbabilityLocked

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Did you know?

20+ students scored more than 95% in XII CBSE Board Exam 2018 and 1 in every 4 students Qualified NEET 2018

  • 82ndAIR in JIPMER 2018
  • 87thRank in AIIMS 2018
  • 147thAIR NEET 2018
  • 10+Students topped their School.

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