NEET Crash Course 2020

With just 6 months left for NEET 2020, there is no time to think about the right time. Start your preparation immediately with the best of Aakash faculty by joining Aakash Digital's online NEET crash course.

Highlights of Aakash Digital NEET Crash Course:

  • 500+ recorded video lectures on complete NEET syllabus
  • 345+ hours of live online classes by Aakash faculty
  • 50+ online practice tests for regular revision 
  • Unlimited access to the recordings of live classes
  • Covers complete NEET syllabus with more attention to the important topics

Why choose Aakash Digital for NEET 2020 preparation?

Classes by experienced faculty:
The best of Aakash faculty takes the class and guides you throughout their preparation

You get classes at the convenience of your home that helps you save time spent on daily travel

Doubt clarification:
You get quick answers to your doubts by the faculty during and after the class. You can also ask your questions during the special doubt clearing sessions after the class.

Online test series:
You can regularly check your progress and can understand the exam pattern by solving online practice tests.

High-quality study material:
Along with classes by the experienced faculty, you also get access to well-curated study material in printed and e-book format

Recommended Crash Courses for NEET 2020

Valid upto Jul 31,2020
Course Type :
Aakash iTutor
  1. 200+ hrs of Videos
  2. e Book
  3. 30+Tests
Choose One
₹ 5,152 ₹ 22,999
₹ 8,492 ₹ 24,499
Valid upto May 31,2020
Course Type :
Aakash Live
  1. 150 hours
  2. 8 Tests
Choose One
₹ 19,919 ₹ 29,999

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of NEET 2020 Crash Course?

The overall duration of the course would be 6 months.

Will the crash course also include tests?

Yes, you will get regular online practice tests as per the latest NEET exam pattern to prepare for the exam.

How many times can I watch the video lectures?

You get unlimited access to the recorded video lectures during the course validity period. You can watch the video lectures as many times as you want to master the topics.

How online NEET Crash course is different from classroom program?

Online crash courses help you get the same quality of education at the convenience of home. These make the best choice when you are left with limited time, which you cannot afford to waste on daily commute to the coaching centers.

Is Aakash Digital crash course enough for NEET preparation?

Yes, Aakash Digital crash course is enough to help you with NEET preparation if you have already gone through syllabus and looking for some expert guidance to strengthen the important topics and for the final revision.

Who all can register for a NEET crash course?

NEET 2020 Crash Course is suitable for the students, who:

  • Want the guidance of experienced faculty for the final revision
  • Want to quickly cover the NEET syllabus with attention to the important topics
  • Don’t have access to the quality coaching in their region