Rank Booster Test Series for NEET 2020

Botany | Physics | Zoology | Chemistry (Course Validity : Jul 31,2020)
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Course Description

1. Specially designed For NEET.

2. Covers Tests for Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for Class 11 and 12 

3. Includes Part & full syllabus test.  (6 Part syllabs  & 15 Full syllabus Test)

4. All India Rank will be provided after 72 hours of test conducted

5. Available in both English & Hindi Language

6. Online Test series is accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops & Desktop.

Package Contains

21 Tests
₹ 1,359.00
₹ 1,698.00
Choose One

Course Advantages

  • Boost Rank and enhance Final Preparation for NEET 2020
  • Detailed analytical report of each test for every student helps to understand the areas of improvement Topic-wise and subject wise
  • Detailed error analysis report post every test will help in identifying errors and eventually rectifying the same
  • Helps in removing the fear and anxiety of exams
  • All the tests can be given at home

Course Features

  • Students will get all India ranking
  • Score Card
  • Test is available in English & Hindi Medium
  • AIR will be available after 72 hours of test conducted
  • Subject Wise Report
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

Reviews and Ratings

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2 months ago Soniya Rustogi

The best part of this test is that it helps in understanding the students where they stand at the national level. These tests have boosted my confidence to a great extent. Also, it is very much affordable. Thanks for introducing such a test series for NEET aspirants!

3 days ago Prateek

I had several questions in my mind about the pattern of NEET exam. This test series helped me to improve my speed of attempting tests. The areas that need to be worked on can be found out with the help of the rank booster test series for NEET. Highly recommended!

1 month ago Priya Gupta

A student-friendly test series for NEET aspirants! I could analyze my preparation for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry after attempting each of the tests. Very useful for the NEET exam. The questions helped me improve my weak subjects. The tests can be taken in both mobile and laptop. So, quite flexible!

Student Speaks

Hardik Arya
Hardik Arya – NEET AIR 373
Course Enrolled: 1 Year Ranker Package, Class 12
"I had enrolled in 1-year Ranker Package program for preparing my NEET entrance. Various time bound tests exactly based on NEET exam pattern helped me increasing my speed & accuracy. All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) was very much useful as it gave me AIR which helped me to test my preparation level against students preparing outside Aakash Digital. Subject-wise DPT helped me a lot in preparing for exams like AIIMS & JIPMER."

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