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"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important."

Bill Gates who opened the gates of so many people’s visions and dreams often mention this line in his speeches and it does sound relatable, doesn’t it? But, how does the idea of collaborating both the Ts (technology & teaching we mean) seem like? That does come across as one scientific experiment that gives dead shot results, na?

The squad of Aakash Digital is finally stepping one ladder up by launching its much-awaited DIGITAL BOARD TEACHING CONCEPT for NEET 2021/22 for all you dreamers. Excited to know what’s in store in this revamped version? Imagine the combinational teaching with our already existing master faculty and smarter tools. WOW is what you screamed? Check exactly what we got for you while narrowing that wow mouth.

What you get exactly?

  • Complete coverage of NCERT/NEET updated syllabus
  • Large coverage of numericals, tips and tricks to solve problems
  • Lectures split into smaller duration topic videos enable easy access and comprehension
  • Well-paced lectures with animations and images to keep you engaged
  • Key-pointers on screen enable you to make your own notes
  • Superior video quality with clear visuals and great sound clarity
  • A brief introduction and background with every lecture for better learning outcomes
  • Topics are taught from basic to competitive level with MCQs discussed at the end of every topic

Time to get smarter for NEET 21/22 with smarter technology of Aakash Digital!

NEET - Chemistry
motion in a plane
NEET - Physics
Chemiosmotic Hypothesis
NEET - Botany
NEET - Zoology

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